Welcome to ToeholdTools!

A library for the analysis of toehold switch riboregulators created by the iGEM team City of London UK 2021.

What is ToeholdTools?

ToeholdTools is a Python package and desktop app designed to facilitate analyzing and designing toehold switches, created as part of the 2021 iGEM competition. As of 2021 this is the only software of its kind! It’s still in the making, so please leave a feature request if there is anything else you would like to see!


  • An easy-to-use programmatic API for investigating the target RNA specificity of toehold switches.

  • A desktop app complete with a graphical user interface for users who prioritise ease over configuration.

  • Full offline support in both the desktop app and the API, with offline support for the latest release of miRBase as well.

  • Progress–tracking support in both the desktop app and the API.

  • Support for Pandas to allow further data-processing.


Check out the sidebar on the left to see the basics of how to use ToeholdTools!